Food has always played a big part in my life. Family holidays in Italy included walking (lots of walking) but also yummy pastas, pizzas and of course ice cream with 5 scoops. Then there were our family holidays in the US, where most of my family lived. My grandma used to cram nearly half a pint of ice cream in one cone and our Red Lobster visits were epic. Which one of us, my brother, my cousins or me, was the first to actually finish a Fudge Overboard? (I believe, it was actually me!)

It’s not surprising that food was and is an important part of my life. As a matter of fact, it would be surprising if it wasn’t. My grandpa used to be a butcher, my other grandpa worked in the sugar industry and my grandma had a cute deli in The Hague. Although it was actually my mum who had the biggest ‘food influence’. As a culinary historian and publicist (you might know her form Warm Bread and Honey Cake and Sugar & Spice), she was (and still is!) always trying new things on us. Knowing I am brutally honest  ;-). My school snacks were never store bought, but always homemade. Her work also meant that my dad, my brother and me often accomanied her on food trips, for example to Paris.

If you think all of this meant that I enjoyed cooking from an early age and that I could be found in the kitchen as a kid, you’re wrong. I had in fact not so much as made an omelette before I left home at the age on 20. I had however tasted so many different ingredients and combinations that I mostly knew which flavor go well together. And sometimes I failed hugely by being too experimental. I learned by trial and error (a lot of errors in the beginning, I apologize to my first few flamates…)

Now I am 27 and I still like experiments in the kitchen. Luckily, nowadays they tend to succeed more than in former days. I combine my job at the marketing department of a big insurance company with my blog. Good food, often healthy but sometimes just a sinfully good pie. I also write about restaurants and about new products. A special thanks to my boyfriend Jerome, who built this website and who takes all the photos.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do write me an e-mail or message me on of the the several social media channels. Happy cooking & bon apétit!